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Splashdown +12 days

This morning we woke up to start another day filled with the CMAS1 EEG task.  Unfortunately we had some equipment issues that prevented us from performing the tasks.  Tim and Dave did a lot of troubleshooting that hopefully will help the principal investigators determine the cause of the problem.  So we had to replan the day.

Tim and I went out on the SCUBA rigs and did a 2 and 1/2 hour dive working on Waterlab.  We almost finished the construction.  Really enjoyed the work again on Waterlab, and it was a different experience this time working it on SCUBA rather than the Superlites.  We both got a little chilly on the dive and were thankful to Ross for the nice cup of hot chocolate when we staged in.

After we warmed up, I got to work the University of Nebraska In Vivo Robot experiment.  This involves testing small robots that would be used inside a patient to provide a surgeon with better views.  The tasks were performed with the surgical instruments inserted through a metal box to simulate the patient, with the little robots inside.  The tasks were timed and involved passing a rope, stretching and cutting pieces of rubber bands, and a simulated removal of an appendix.

We topped things off with our crew night dive.  We spent 2 hours out on the reef and around the habitat.  It was an amazing dive.  Very quiet and very dark when we had our lights off.  The coolest thing was the bioluminescence.  We were presented with a beautiful show of what appeared to be a blanket of little blue stars all around us.  We sat on the bottom and watched the show around us.  We "made" stars by blowing bubbles, waving our arms through the water, and watching them come off the ends of each others fins moving ahead of one another.  It's really impressive how a simple chemical reaction inside some tiny little creatures can create such an incredibly beautiful display of nature.