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Splashdown +10 days

Waterlab was the focus of our morning today.  Ron and Dave went out on the SL17 rigs and Lunar space suit back pack simulators, and Tim and I provided the ROV setup and IV support.  With direction from us inside the habitat and from the crew, the ExPOC operated the ROV in a surveillance mode for the operation.  We now have both the left and right substructures built.  Tomorrow morning Tim and I go out to continue work on the remaining sections while Ron and Dave support us from inside Aquarius.

The next ROV activity of the day was a search for our cargo vehicle.   This was an exploration activity to simulate that following our landing on the moon our cargo supply vehicle has landed somewhere off course and we're using the ROV to perform the initial search for it.  Tim and I were the ones flying the ROV at the start of the search, and because we're so good ;
), we found it on the second leg of the search!

Later in the day we had some more telemedicine activities --- today was ultrasound of the knee and arthroscopy.  Tim and I paired up and performed the ultrasound on each other and then we each performed an arthroscopy procedure on an artificial knee.  Both of these activities were done with telementoring by our experts in Canada.  These were both very effective tasks for demonstrating the benefit of telementoring.

Everyday I'm here I find some new and beautiful sea life to admire.  Today there was a little school of 4 scrawled filefish.  (Didn't even know the name of them until today--- thank you Ross).  These fish have an elongated body and a long, broom-like tail. Their body is a very pale white, almost opal-like color with these beautiful vibrant blue squigly spots and little random black spots covering them from head to tail.  I watched them through the large wet porch view port, they moved together very gracefully around the view port and across to the tank farm before I lost sight of them.