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Splash Down + 7 Days

Today was another exciting day. The first thing I did in the morning was hang a sign in front of the main lock internet camera wishing Ronnie and Joseph a happy birthday. They both commented later in the day (when I called them) that they saw the sign on the internet. I wish I could be there for their birthday. After putting on my medical monitoring vest and conducting a telephone interview for the Journal News in Yonkers, NY (my hometown), I was mentored through radiology procedures from doctors and technicians in Canada. After taking simulated x-ray images of an ankle and forearm fracture, I transferred the images to Canada. After some brief instruction on reading x-rays, I conducted a graded interpretation of the x-rays (I think I passed).

We then did an outreach event with the Cincinnati Museum before Dave and I headed out to evaluate spacesuit designs in a Martian gravity environment. Dave and I ran through all the same drills that we accomplished during the lunar gravity evaluation plus some construction tasks. It is very rewarding to realize that we are contributing to the future exploration of our Solar System. The rest of the day was spent trouble shooting more of the same computer problems that have plagued the mission. Heading to bed always occurs at the point where I can't keep my eyes open any longer. We have all kept a very fast pace but it's very important to get as much scientific data as we can while we're here in this unique environment.