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Splash Down + 6 Days

Today is Palm Sunday and a very appropriate day to conduct our dawn dive. Dave, Nicole, Tim, and I departed from Aquarius before sunrise. We proceeded to the South and found a nice spot on the reef to observe the change in sea life as the environment transitioned from night to day. The sea life was spectacular we saw a Spotted Eagle Ray fly by a few feet from us. We also spotted an Atlantic Stingray that had buried itself in the sand for the night. The only part of the ray sticking out above the sand was its eyes and tail. Nicole took a lot of still pictures and I shot a lot of video. When we got low on air we proceeded further South to a glass dome called Kamper which we swam into and filled our tanks. It’s interesting to swim up into a glass dome on the bottom of the ocean in 90 feet of water, take your mask off, talk to Aquarius and top off your tanks. All in all we were outside for 2 hours and it was a very rewarding experience.

When we returned to Aquarius, we hustled out of our gear and began transforming our bunk room into a robotic surgery suit complete with a state of the art surgical robot. We spent the rest of the afternoon teleconferenced in with the investigation team from Canada. Dr. Mehran Anvari sutured a simulated patient in Aquarius via the surgical robot in our converted bunkroom. It was the first time a robotic surgical operation was performed undersea and the first time a robotic operation was performed with a time delay similar to the delay communicating from the Moon. The highlight of the day was definitely seeing Carmel and the boys in a video family conference. It was great seeing and talking to everyone. Tomorrow is Ronnie and Joseph's birthday so I'll end here so I can get their sign ready.