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Splash Down + 4 Days

Today was a day of computer challenges. We spent a good portion of the day overcoming several computer malfunctions that affected some of our science experiments, the operation of our remotely controlled vehicles and our interface with our in-water electronic mapping and tracking equipment. We were able to work through most of the problems and we came up with a plan that will hopefully solve these issues.

The highlight of the day was definitely the dive that Dave and I performed. Our objective during the dive was to map an area out to 100 meters from the habitat. We used a device called Cobra Tac which measure location, heading, depth, and altitude, stores waypoints in memory and produces detailed maps. We also marked off 25 meter increments on one of our excursion lines. While we were doing all this work, a videographer was documenting the activity for the Discovery Channel Canada. It was great to get back in the water. The sea life around the habitat is truly breath taking. It’s amazing what you begin to notice after being here for awhile. You begin to learn where certain fish and other sea life live. It's also incredible to watch the sunset from 47 feet beneath the surface. Tomorrow should be a very exciting day.

The other highlight of the day was that I spontaneously figured out how to whistle. Because the environment that we are living in is approximately two and a half times the pressure of the surface, it takes awhile for your mouth to learn how to whistle. It's funny to try to whistle when you get here and nothing comes out but air. Today is the day I re-learned how to whistle. Tomorrow is shaping up to be another great day. We will evaluate different configurations for simulated lunar exploration suits and will spend a lot of time outside.