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Splash Down + 2 Days

What an incredible day. The day started out with a test drive/fly of one of our remotely controlled vehicles (ROVs) affectionately called Skuttle. We started by flying the vehicle off the "porch" on the back of the habitat. We flew it over to a location where we believed simulated lunar samples were located. We landed near the site and drove the rest of the way to the location. Each of us took turns flying and driving the vehicle via remote control while watching a video image sent from cameras on the front of the vehicle. Later in the day mission control also drove the vehicle remotely from Houston. While Houston was driving the ROV, I was tending the vehicles umbilical from the back of the habitat.

As I was feeding the umbilical in and out, several dozen School Master fish (1-2ft long) lined up right next to me and remained perfectly still watching every move I made. The fish stayed right next to me the entire time I was in the water. Later, Nicole and Tim went out for their first dive on the Super Lite dive helmet (SL17) that we are using to simulate our space exploration suits. During their dive I was the dive supervisor and ensured that we suited them up properly and talked to them on our communication equipment during their excursion.

In addition to all our exploration activities and some telemedical experiments that Dave and Tim performed we participated in a number education outreach events and live media video interviews across America and Canada. One of the highlights of the day was a live video conference between our crew and the crew of the International Space Station. It was a very unique experience to talk with and see the crew in orbit above the Earth while they were seeing us and talking with us on the bottom of the ocean. It was especially fun since Jeff Williams has also experienced living on Aquarius and he could really relate to our experience. It's been a fun, long and productive day and I'm looking forward to hearing the crackle of the Snapper shrimp as I drift off to sleep.