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Splash Down + 1 Day

Waking up this morning to see the dawn and sea life through our bunk room view port was incredible.  Sleeping on the bottom of the ocean was really awesome experience.  We fell asleep to the sound of snapping shrimp feeding on the exterior of our habitat. The snapping and crackling of the shrimp sounded to me like the sound of a roaring campfire.  It was a great end to a great day.

After a great night's sleep under the sea we had a very busy day. We spent the majority of the day conducting scientific experiments inside the habitat. Most of the experiments investigated the effects of an extreme environment on human performance and health. Some of the experiments involved measuring our brain waves with an EEG net and measuring other physiological data using an Ambulatory Measuring System (AMS) vest. We also conducted a live education outreach event with schools across Canada. It was fun explaining our mission to all the students and answering their questions. I ended the day by talking to my family before calling it a day. It was great to hear their voices. I'm looking forward to another day of adventure tomorrow.