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Splash Down + 14 Days

After a wonderful Easter and a much needed day of rest we stepped right back into our fast pace. This morning Tim and Nicole conducted a Superlite sea walk to compare the effectiveness of a grid search using the ROV vs. a human search party. Dave supported their sea walk as their IV while I conducted three media interviews and two education outreach events.

I discussed the significance of our mission's science objectives and how they support the vision for space exploration with the Houston Chronicle, a radio station in Asheville NC, and in NY. During the education outreach I talked to students across the US and Canada about our mission. In the afternoon Dave and I conducted a sea walk to finish construction of Waterlab with some help from our ROV we affectionately named Skuttle. In the evening we participated in a creativity study, uploaded tomorrow's missions (sent to us from Mission Control) into our Cobra Tac navigation system, and evaluated the ROV's ability to illuminate objects and operate at night. Tomorrow is our last full day of science before we start gearing up for splash-up. I really feel that the mission is starting to draw to a close. I know that I am going to treasure this experience and will miss living and working in this beautiful undersea world.