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Splash Down + 9 Days

Today was another day in the water. Dave and I spent the morning electronically mapping our simulated landing area. While we were on the excursion, Mission Control in Houston and our crewmembers in Aquarius tracked our location and progress via our diver tracking system. We spent a good portion of the day operating the rover and observing Mission Control operating the rover.

Today was also the day that we celebrated the halfway point in the mission. We initiated small celebrations for the topside team in Key Largo and Mission Control in Houston. The celebration in Houston was attended by the Houston-based families and it was great to see them during the videoconference. Today was also the 25th anniversary of STS-1, the first Space Shuttle mission. In honor of this historic event the entire crew wore STS-1 Anniversary T-shits during our evening activities.

We had some computer problems that postponed some of our scheduled evening in-habitat science. We used the unexpected free time to get all our end of the day daily tasks accomplished early and take in our first movie of the mission. After dinner we piled in around the galley table and watched "The Life Aquatic". It was a funny sight to see the six of us sitting in 50' of water with the spectacular sea life all around us watching this movie with all of us wearing our red Team Zissou hats. I'm sure those who tuned into the main lock webcam were treated to a strange sight.