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First day of training -- primarily devoted to refresher on some of the science hardware we'll be using and for me the first time seeing the SRI M7 surgical robot that we'll be using. Tim and I practiced together with the ultrasounds on quadriceps tendons and knees -- apparently I have some hidden ultrasound talents (who knew?). One of the other things we reviewed as a crew was the tools for stabilizing a broken bone. Really interesting -- power tools, rods and pins! We also assembled the surgical robot we'll be using in support of the telerobotic surgery tasks. And speaking of robots, we also got to play with the underwater ROV and these small in vitro robots we'll be using. All very cool. We are fortunate as a crew to be participating in a lot of interesting telemedicine related tasks-- these tasks are all in direct support of the goals NASA has for exploration as well as having immediate impact on improvement to terrestrial-based medicine.