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Again we spent the morning in briefings and going over our equipment. We trained on the Kirby-Morgan communication mask that we will use to communicate with each other and with Mission Control (ExPoc) in Houston while on excursions outside of the habitat. We also went over procedures to find excursion lines using our secondary cave reel. In the afternoon we did two dives on Conch Reef (the reef that is home to Aquarius) and practiced buddy breathing (sharing air with our dive buddy in the event that one of us looses our air supply), finding excursion lines to get back to the habitat in an emergency, and deploying emergency buoys to the surface. Most of these drills where accomplished with our masks off. After diving we went to the local grocery store to buy the food for our 18 day adventure. It was very interesting buying food for a 6 person, 3 week, camping trip.