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Started our day again with some more crew pictures, and then off again to some briefings. For the mission we're going to be diving with 2 different kinds of rigs --  a SCUBA setup with a full face comm mask, and a fully enclosed helmet rig called the SL (superlite) 17 that will allow us to walk around on the bottom. Today's briefing was for familiarizing with the comm mask and also did some more cable reel preparation for the line search drills we would be doing while diving today.

Today's dive was probably the most challenging planned for the training week-- a LOT of mask off time doing the line search, swimming and buddy breathing, and some more emergency ops. Have to admit that pre-mission I was a little concerned about how I would handle the mask off stuff -- but thanks again to the NBL prep, everything went great! We wrapped up the day watching the beautiful launch of a Soyuz carrying Jeff Williams, Pavel Vinogradov, and Marcos Pontes for the start of their 6 month mission on ISS.