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NAME:Joseph C. Martinez

I'm Joseph C. Martinez, 25 yrs old.I was born in September 29,1988. I came from in a Simple family and my Parents also inspire me to go to NASA Academy to join College Civil Course but my parents don't have any jobs to support my college degree civil course.I live in the Island of Mindanao,Philippine(Region XI) and am so really inspired of this site and when i was seven years old until i'am growing older,I have a Dream in my life if i Graduated High School is to be come an Astronaut someday. I'am a Space lover and i have lots of curiosity about space Exploration discovery outside our Planet low earth orbit. When i come to Computer shop and have lots of research about NASA and Science,etc. I putting myself to have more learning about Science and Mathematics.During my high School days,I have no Awards but i got a Better Grade in any different Subjects.But i'am really thankful to God that he gave me a Special Challenging in my Future to go forward and keep his Wisdom and knowledge that comes from in our School.I was so Challenging in my life until i'm Growing-up older.


My Hobby is Computer Networking,travel,Reading books,Martial arts,watching Television,Joining Church Mininstry,excercise,Bonding with friends,Community service,Bible study and Computer Research.

LIKES AND INTEREST: Aerospace Engineering,Co Pilot and Astronaut.
FAVORATE SUBJECTS:Science,Mathematics,English and Filipino.

Name of School:(HNSH) Hagonoy National High School
Month:April 05,2012

Year Graduate:2011-2012



DATE OF BIRTH:September 29,1988

ADDRESS:San Isidro,Purok(Belong2x)Padada,Davao del sur.Island of Mindanao,Philippine.(Region XI)

PLACE OF BIRTH: Mirafuentes District,Tagum,Davao City,Philippine.

MOBILE NUMBER:+639474267009


Father's Name:Arnoldfu R. Reltivo

Mother's Name:Margarita C. Martinez
Occupation:House Keeper


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