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D.M.J. M.

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Crewmember #810

Late 20's Canadian. Studying for a career in astrospace. Lots of I.T. & 2D/3D design experience.

Formerly much more active in environmental activities; former GreenParty EDA Chair, Former GreenPeace Canada employee. I want to free some water, win a space medal and do other good things all the time.

I am also the author of the comprehensive online SpaceTravellers Guidebook and I design, build and sell 3D resources to individuals and organizations of various sorts. I firmly believe that facing an epidemic of overpopulation we have two choices; mass death or territorial expansion. I choose the latter.

There's so much magic in a seed, one plant can produce enough to feed a colony! All we need is space-based greenhouses and cost effective delivery systems and BAM!

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