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Dan looks for opportunity to encourage individuals and businesses to tackle world scale challenges, encouraging global citizenship, and working towards the UN Sustainable Development goals.

Dan is a One Young World Ambassador, attending the summits, prevalent as a blogger, selected for the Kofi Annan dialogues, and has attended meetups in Australia and the UK.

With a demonstrable track record in retail marketing, Dan has complemented his career aspirations in global business with a variety of social enterprise projects that has seen him engaging with youth campaigns, foreign aid programmes and volunteer opportunities in developing countries.

His successful involvement in Australian government youth and foreign aid programmes culminated in his most influential appointment to date – The UN Youth Ambassador for Australia. The 2012-13 post saw Dan develop and execute an extensive tour of Australia conducting workshops and delivering speeches to 10,000 young people in schools, universities and community groups. It culminated in a diplomatic posting and speech at the 67th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.
Dan continues to develop his interest in social and business enterprise, is an MBA Recruitment Manager at Oxford Said, and has recently taken on a Board of Director position at The Knowledge Project, a local social enterprise.

Dan is the eldest of 6 homeschooled siblings who keep him grounded and are not so sure about space travel. But he has always dreamt of it doing it one day.

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